• Welcome to Bodhi Dharma Wellness Center

    Bodhi Dharma Center is a Wellness Center on Kovalam Beach Road in Kovalam, Kerala that provides Rejuvenating and Detoxification Treatments in the excellent tradition of Ayurveda as well as Marma Therapy and Kalari therapy.


    Our Staff:

    Are trained in the best practices of Ayurveda, Marma therapy and Kalari therapy.

    Mr Vinaya Chandran is the head technician supervising quality of treatments and training the staff to excellence.

    Our Values:

    Personalized Treatment
    Beauty and Hygiene

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    Ayurveda draws its sustenance from herbs and plants. The medical system thrives in a mini-forest like environment that the Bodhi Dharma affords. The system -- as it is practiced here -- begins with natural, holistic, non-invasive medical techniques. But it does more than that: it helps you develop healthy habits, and make those small, incremental changes in your lifestyle under professional guidance to soothe away physical pain, tension and worries that plague our lives in the modern world. A short stay here will enable you to connect with your innermost self.

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  • Ayurveda- a science of healing


    “Samadosha samagnishcha sama dhathu malakriya Prasannaatma indriya manah swasthaiti abhideyathe”

    Ayurveda aims to help the healthy person to maintain good health and the diseased person to regain good health. The practice of Ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness at physical, mental and spiritual level.

    By the proper balance of all the vital energies in the body, the processes of physical deterioration and disease can be reduced. This is accomplished through proper eating, thinking and living habits as well as the use of herbal remedies to treat illness. Pancha Karma is a part of Ayurveda that is fast track towards feeling young again. It mainly acts through helping the body eliminate both physical and emotional toxins accumulated over the years. “Samadosha samagnishcha sama dhathu malakriya Prasannaatma indriya manah swasthaiti abhideyathe” This is a quote in Sanskrit from the famous text by the Ayurvedic physician and surgeon Sushrutha that translates as: We are in good health when our external and internal environment is in balance. This is possible when:
    leaf The Vital elements of Vata (wind and ether), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water and earth) are in balance.
    leaf The Digestive Fire, Agni is strong ie you digest food well and feel light after eating.
    leaf The Seven Body Tissues, Dhatus are functioning normally.
    leaf The waste products, Mala, are produced and eliminated properly through stools, urine and sweat.
    leaf The mind, senses and soul (manas, indriya and atma) are working in blissful harmony.

    Our experienced doctors at Bodhi Dharma assess your condition and your constitution and based on that we design a plan of treatments to put you back on track to Health so that you feel radiant and energized.

  • we are offering stay in following hotels


    “HOTEL LEELA PALACE (5 stars Luxurious)”

    The key to The Leela Kovalam is its cliff-top setting looking out over pristine beaches to the far horizon. The resort is known for its world class dining, seamless service, and palatial accommodations. And, of course, nobody understands opulence and

    unstinting luxury quite like The Leela. It is a short distance from the Trivandrum International Airport.

    AROUND-THE-CLOCK SERVICES AND AMENITIES INCLUDE: leafAn exclusive, sprawling beach leafBadminton leafBeach Volleyball leafCar parking and valet services leafCurrency exchange leafDoctor on call leafExceptional concierge service leafExcursions and day picnics leafFitness centre leafFive-star dining facilities leafFlorist leafGift shop and news stand leafJogging track leafLibrary leafSnooker leafTennis and table tennis leafYoga sessions


    “HOTEL UDAY SAMUDRA (4* stars Superior)”

    Uday Samudra Leisure beach Hotel located at the famed beaches of Kovalam, just 15 meters from the sea, is an exclusive leisure beach hotel - a destination by itself. The setting, facilities, people, cuisine and its whole philosophy - is dedicated to

    your personal wellness in a luxurious environment. Just by being at UDS, your stresses start to flutter away; the landscaping has its own serenity, a harmony of a defined architecture, spacious lawns, blue water pools and soaring coconut grooves all set in four tranquil acres by the sea.

          Uday Samudra Leisure beach Hotel is an upscale and luxurious 4 Star hotel brand which appeals to distinguished and discerning travelers. The UDS's philosophy of combining the best elements of the incomparable lifestyle with the convenience of today's modern world, through exceptional standards of luxury, elegance and service, together with ISO 9001 - 2000 standards and impressive management tools, is set to create a powerful presence in the hospitality sector.


    “VIVANTA BY TAJ (5 stars Superior)”

    Seek the nouvelle restaurants , and the sprawling spa where you'll go Ah! The Chef remains as eager to wow you with specially designed meals. They mixing business with fun and see how well wired the resort is.

          Soak in the space that spreads over 10 acres and reflects the spirit of the sea. Drive in enjoying backseat surprises (we're not revealing here). The 12 km drive from Thiruvananthapuram airport and the 14 km drive from the railway station will be a breeze for sure, with Vivanta by Taj delight moments all the way. Should you choose to drive down from Cochin airport, enjoy a charming 5hrs drive through the exotic Kerala countryside.
          See the local flavour of Kerala combined with Balinese influences in the architecture and decor from the moment you step in the lobby. Feel the Vivanta by Taj vibe as you find little surprises delighting you all the way during your stay. It still remains the charming seaside & backwaters resort that's almost one with the Arabian Sea. Where fun lovers come again and again for the good times.

  • Our Treatment packages


    We have several programs that can be fine-tuned to fit your specific needs.

    leafBody Purification Therapy (Detox Program)
    leafSkin & Beauty Care Program
    leafWeight-Loss Program
    leafRejuvenation and Anti-Aging Program
    leafImmunity Enhancing Program
    leafStress Relief Program (especially for severe fatigue and depression)
    leafSpine &Joint Care Program
    leafPsoriasis Management Program
    leafHormone Balancing and Fertility Enhancement Program

    It is a great place for tourists, and habitués at wellness spas who wish to reclaim their health and well-being while on a luxury holiday. Ayurveda – which literally means “the science of life” -- is arguably the oldest holistic medical system and is widely regarded as India’s natural healing system. The essence of Ayurveda is to treat the body, mind and soul – the commingled trinity in the human being.

    Each of these programs includes a combination of the following Ayurveda treatments.

    Medicated Oil Massage (Abhyangam): ( 60 mins)

    This is the massage in which medicated warm oil is applied all over the body in a rhythmic manner by expert therapists. This is an excellent treatment for the maintenance of general health, skin complexion and preventing early aging. It enhances blood circulation, tones tin' muscles, strengthens the body and relieves jetlag.

    Vital Points Massage (Marma therapy): (60 mins)

    This therapeutic massage is done by applying pressure on the vital (marma) points, muscles and other specific points that contain high concentration of life energy. This massage is best suited to relief tired ness, tight muscles and promote relaxation. Our technicians have learnt the secrets and art of marma from the old lineage-holders of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

    Cellulite Breakdown Massage (Udwarthanam): (60 mins)

    This is a massage done with special herbal powder stamped onto the body in opposite directions. It acts like a scrub to exfoliate of dead skin cells , break up cellulite, melt the fat, strengthen the muscles, open sweat pores, remove impurities and enhance circulation. It is best suited for those with high tat deposits, cellulite, and weak muscles.

    Herbal Bag Massage (Elakkizhi): (60 mins)

    In this treatment, fresh herbs are cooked in medicated oil and i packed into bags that are applied on the body. This technique -helps to lubricate the joints and relieves joint and muscle pains. It also cleanses the channels of circulation and expels toxins through sweat. It is best suited for those with calcified tissues such as arthritis, tendinitis, and fibromyalgia.

    Rice Bag Massage (Njavarakkizhi): (60 mins)

    Massage with warm medicated rice(navara rice) bags dipped in milk and a herbal decotion. This massage nourishes tissues, softens and moisturizes the skin, enhances complexion, improves blood circulation and strengthens body muscles.

    Special Back Treatment and Packing (Kateevasthi): (60 mins)

    In this process specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept inside the lower back with herbal paste boundary after giving a short massage there and application of warm herbal poultice. Kateevasthi is good for any type of localized back pain and spinal disorders like disc problems, sciatica etc. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this treatment deeply cleans and enrich the blood, build and maintain strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and free of pain. This treatment is best suited for back pain, sciatica, and chronic disc problems.

    Oil Pouring on the Forehead (Sirodhara): (60 mins)

    In this treatment, steady stream of medicated oil or decoction is poured on the forehead in a peculiar pattern from a pot hanging above. Sirodhara helps regulate the functioning of the central nervous system and cleanses the sense organs. It is best suited for those suffering from mental stress, strain, headaches, hair problems and sleep disturbances. It is highly recommended for overall relaxation of mind and body.

    Rejuvenation Massage (Pizhichil): (75 mins)

    In this treatment, the body is encouraged to perspire by continuously pouring warm herbal oils in a particular pattern, followed by gentle massage. Pizhichil helps to nourish and' strengthen muscles, joints and nerves. It is best suited for. general weakness, arthritis and neurological problems. It is highly recommended to anyone interested in rejuvenation.

    Clearing of Nose and Sinus (Nasyam): (30 mins)

    In this treatment, 4 to 6 drops of medicated oil or herbal concoction are applied into the nose after a face massage and a steam bath is done. If is especially effective in cases of nose and sinus congestion, headaches, sinusitis, neck problems and respiratory disorders.

    Oil Capping of the Head (Sirovasthy): (45 mins)

    In this treatment, warm medicated oils are poured into a cap fitted on the patient's head and kept there for the length of time according to the patient's condition. Sirovasthy is best suited for those suffering from facial paralysis, dryness of the nostrils, mouth and throat, as well as in cases of eye problems and headaches.

    Cool Packing of the Head (Thalapothichil): (45 mins)

    In this treatment, various medicinal herbs are made into a paste and applied on the scalp, preceded by a gentle head massage. This helps to cool, calm and soothe the mind. It is best suited for those suffering from insomnia, prematurely graying hair, poor memory, and problems related to the hair and scalp.

    Ayurvedic facial: (60 mins)

    The Ayurvedic facial will soothe your senses while treating skin with a blend of essential oils and creams. This includes an Ayurvedic cleansing, scrubbing, steaming and a face massage and face pack.

    Foot Massage for the Warrior (Kalari Massage) : (75 mins)

    This treatment is mainly intended for giving enough strength to the spine and muscles where regular therapy is not Sufficient. The patient receives the massage by lying down on a mat placed on the floor, while the therapist massages with his/her feet in a rhythmic manner.

    Ayurveda experience: (90 mins)

    Experience oil massage (Abhyangam), herbal bag massage (Elakkizhi) and oil-pouring on the forehead (Sirodhara) in a single treatment,which deeply detoxifies and rejuvenates the body. It is highly recommended as an overall-balancing treatment.

    Ayurveda express: (30 mins)

    This is a short yet effective treatment that includes massage on local parts of the body.

    1. Head & neck massage
    2. Back & spine massage
    3. Leg & feet massage

    Enjoy the treatments.

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    We provide the finest accommodation in Kovalam with all 5 star facilities, as well as many other services. We also provide assistance for the Kerala sightseeing, pick up and drop to the Airport and lot of other services.

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    We provied the finest accommodation in Kovalam with all three star facilities. We also provide assistance for the Kerala sightseeing, pick up and drop to the Airport and lot of other services.

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